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Providing your clinic with the tools to help shape lives

A Proudly Dynamic Australian Team.

Cryomed Aesthetics was born from a passion and true dedication of providing effective treatments for the medical, aesthetic and beauty industry with realistic and affordable opportunities for results-driven treatments. Our advanced portfolio consists of lasers, aesthetic and medical devices.

Based in Sydney with offices in Melbourne and Auckland, the success and strength of Cryomed Aesthetics is derived from being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. We have vast experience in the medical, cosmetic and aesthetic field, also as a major technology partner with many of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful medical and aesthetic clinic’s operations. We understand the needs of small, medium and large business owners in today’s competitive market place.

Our hands-on experience enables us to offer our current portfolio with total confidence and the knowledge that they have been tried and tested and producing real results with good return on investment. That’s our role. You’re committed to helping your patients make the most of their faces and bodies. To correct the imperfections. Put their best face forward and enjoy the body they visualise. You have the expertise to refresh, rejuvenate and reshape.

And that’s where Cryomed comes in. We set out on this journey just over four years ago, our aim to source the best aesthetic devices the world has to offer. That means the best technology, for the most reasonable price, with the greatest potential for profitability. And today, we not only offer those devices everywhere in Australia and New Zealand, we also provide training, marketing assistance and product support, so you can concentrate on your patients and your business.

Our Team of Experts

Josh Locker, Founder and Managing Director of Cryomed Aesthetics.

Josh has extensive experience in helping to establish state-of-the-art cosmetic and vascular medical practices. He combines this with a deep knowledge and understanding of what is required for a clinic to be successful in this highly competitive market. Cryomed is the result of his vision to provide a range of affordable, high-quality devices and products to Australian and New Zealand clinics. Beyond that, he has set up Cryomed’s operations to provide important support to clinics who use these devices: for clinical training, device support and maintenance, and marketing and communications.

“I’m proud of the great range of devices and products we source. I’m also proud of my highly qualified, service-oriented team, who are at your disposal to help with everything from advising on the best solution for your clinic, to marketing, training and product support.

John Filler, Executive Director

John has a decade’s worth of first-hand experience as a registered nurse, with exposure ranging from small and medium-sized general practices to large healthcare groups and hospitals. His medical, business and management skills are valuable assets that he uses to help design the best treatment solutions for aesthetic medical practices.

“One of the most important decisions an aesthetic clinic can make is the selection of the right devices – machines that will perform to the highest level, that will provide patients with great treatment outcomes, and clinics with an excellent return on their investment. With so much choice out there, I believe we have a really important role in supporting practitioners, not just through the purchasing process, but right through the lifecycle of their capital equipment investment.”

Melissa Don, Business Development Manager, Vic, Tas, SA

Melissa is a certified laser skin therapist with a Div 1 nursing background, who has practiced as a clinical nurse in a busy Melbourne dermatology practice. She has also held sales roles in the aesthetic medical industry for many years. Her medical expertise is a valuable asset to Cryomed, and to the clinics she supports.

“I enjoy sharing my experience and understanding of aesthetic medical practice with clinics to help them achieve the best clinical outcomes in an environment of business success and profitability. I’m proud of the great range of devices Cryomed offers to enhance patient treatments.”

Jamie Powell, Business Development Manager NSW, NZ

Jamie has extensive experience across medical aesthetics, finance and marketing. He uses all his skills and experience to help clinics achieve successful treatment and business outcomes. Over the past 15 years, during a period of dramatic change in medical aesthetics, he has pioneered the introduction of several fractional lasers, RF and ultrasound body contouring in Australia and New Zealand. He has also worked with medical practitioners and hospitals to introduce sophisticated medical technology.

“One of the most satisfying parts of my role is working with practitioners to analyse their clinical and business needs, and to structure the right suite of treatments and devices for the best patient outcomes and business success.”

Shaun Connolly, Business Development and Clinical Support WA, NT

Shaun has a background of specialty studies in Nutritional Science and anti-ageing holistic medicine. He has worked extensively in sales, training, management and marketing roles in cosmeceutical and aesthetic equipment industries, and also has the experience of having owned his own business. This has given him deep expertise and a wealth of experience to share with clinics and practitioners.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of the highest level of skill in using your treatment devices. This is why we test all our devices thoroughly, and use every opportunity to share our learnings with practitioners. It’s the patient results that are the best advertisement for any clinic, and we work to make sure that your results as the best they can possibly be.”

Russell Zarge, Business Development Manager, Qld

Russell holds degrees in Biological Sciences and Human Anatomy and Physiology, and has used these qualifications extensively during his career in aesthetic medical technology. He has a deep knowledge of the industry, and has extensive experience in helping to establish aesthetic technology in large and small medical establishments.

“I love the dynamics and fast-changing nature of medical aesthetics. I enjoy helping clinics choose the right devices and product, achieve optimal patient outcomes, high ROI and good business outcomes. With Cryomed’s great product range, those goals are all achievable.”

Sarah Warren, Clinical Training and Sales Support

Sarah has spent most of her working life in the beauty and aesthetic industry; she developed her particular interest in training after working in various skin and dermatology clinics. One of her specialties is in cryolipolisis technology, and she is also laser safety certified. She is committed to training technicians to exceptionally high standards of practice.

“I know from experience that when clinicians fully trust the quality of their devices, they can focus more on their patients and their needs. So I see my role in training technicians as an important part of providing the best patient care and outcomes. “

Business Development Manager, Cosmeceuticals

Aesthetics and medicine have always fascinated Justine, who has over 12 years of extensive clinical, business development, training and management experience throughout the aesthetic medical industry. She brings a wealth of understanding and expertise across different modalities to Cryomed.

“I’m passionate about helping you ensure that patients’ aesthetic concerns are met with the best possible treatment — whether that be through injectable treatments, active skin care, or any of the wide range of treatment modalities available with our laser and energy devices. Our goal is satisfied, happy patients for you.”

Haree Park, Executive Assistant to Managing Director

Haree brings a wealth of experience to Cryomed. She has worked in the medical aesthetic industry for over 12 years, providing executive support in a number of roles, including executive assistant roles to a plastic surgeon in a busy plastic surgery practice, to a clinical consultant in a large cosmetic practice, and to the manager of a luxury spa in one of Australia’s leading 5-star hotels.

“I act as the coordinating point of contact between the executives, the Cryomed team and our clients to ensure that Cryomed’s operations run smoothly. My aim is to provide the highest level of administrative support behind the scenes, so Josh and our front-line team can support our clients.”

Sales Coordinator

“Aesthetic clinics operate in a highly competitive market, and it’s my mission to give that extra competitive advantage to clinics. Online reputation management and social media strategy are critical to a clinic’s business success. We believe that part of providing you with the best aesthetic devices is helping you with your communications and marketing.”

Brand Marketing Manager

Jenna is a highly skilled and successful marketing professional, with a great depth of experience in several industries. She is delighted that at Cryomed, she can combine her expertise and experience with her passion for medical aesthetics. In this highly competitive market, she is constantly aware of the need for clinics to successfully differentiate their treatments, services and products.

“I get really excited about building a brand, and using clever, creative techniques that will help a business stand out from their competition. I love making sure that campaigns are achieving their goals. At Cryomed, we achieve our goals when the clinics using our devices are also successful. I aim to help clinics achieve the highest levels of success possible, through patient awareness and uptake of treatments and services.”

Rui Cardoso, Warehouse, Service and Marketing Coordinator

Rui’s wide responsibilities keep him running most of the day, ensuring that Cryomed’s operations and service are first-rate. His extensive international experience, in large and small enterprises, means that he has an excellent understanding of what is required to ensure a business not only runs smoothly, but meets all its customers’ and suppliers’ expectations.

“My role is to make sure that Cryomed’s operations, service and marketing functions all work together seamlessly to support the clinics who rely on us. This is an exciting time to be part of the medical aesthetics industry. “

Chris Jeon, Technical Manager

Chris is Cryomed’s go-to person for all device technical matters. He performs regular maintenance on all devices, as well as looking after service and repairs as required.

“My role is to ensure that every Cryomed device is performing to its highest level. We know how these devices work in your clinic, and that patients depend on receiving their treatment. So, my commitment is to respond as quickly as possible to every service request, and to do everything possible to provide a solution to the problem within 24 hours.”

Robbie Zhang, Service Manager

Robbie’s expertise in technical services management and provision is an important part of Cryomed’s communication with our clients. On any given day, he is supporting the technical solutions of valuable, delicate devices. His international experience is a valuable asset as he deals with technical services from all over the world.

“Coordinating the comings and goings of all our devices is a challenge I enjoy. There’s a lot of detail goes into managing our shipments. It’s great to see everything running smoothly, and to know that our devices are being used to treat patients right across the country.”

Rahal Kulatunge, Logistics, Service and Marketing Coordinator

Rahal’s wide responsibilities keep him running most of the day, ensuring that Cryomed’s operations and service are first-rate. His extensive international experience, in large and small enterprises, means that he has an excellent understanding of what is required to ensure a business not only runs smoothly, but meets all its customers’ and suppliers’ expectations.

“My role is to make sure that Cryomed’s operations, service and marketing functions all work together seamlessly to support the clinics who rely on us. This is an exciting time to be part of the medical aesthetics industry. “

When I started my cosmetic practice, I wanted to be sure I had the right devices to deliver great results. I was so happy to find Cryomed, who have helped me get what I needed without spending a fortune. The IPL and the Secret are my new best friends.

Dr. Jundier Domingo, Casuarina Medical Centre, Darwin NT