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Non-surgical Body Contouring

There has never been a greater demand for body sculpting. Non-invasive treatments are now pushing aside
the more aggressive surgical liposuction as the preferred method of reducing unwanted fat deposits.

Non-surgical body contouring options can be strikingly comparable to the results of surgery
at a significantly lower cost, with virtually no downtime and far less risk.

Available technologies are:

  • Cryolipolysis (fat freezing)
  • Ultrasound
  • Radio Frequency

We offer a comprehensive range of affordable, clinically-proven and medically advanced body shaping technologies for permanent fat cell destruction. These modalities can slim, trim and tighten unwanted areas of fat and cellulite on the body.

Each of our devices works to destroy fat cells from the superficial and deep layers under the skin, without affecting the surrounding tissue.

These treatments can offer impressive visible results with minimal downtime, at a lower price point and running cost compared to other devices.

Clinical Results

The Cryomed Body-Contouring Range

 Device/TechnologyBody ContouringCryolipolysis/
Fat Reduction
Subcutaneous Fat Cell DeathSkin TighteningAdditional Treatments
(see Device Page)
Cool Assisted Lipolysis
Micro-focused Scanning
Ultrasound (MFSU)
Cryolipolysis with
360° Surround Cooling
Macro-focused Circular & Micro-Focused Ultrasound
Ultraformer III
Micro and Macro-Focused Ultrasound
Radiofrequency and Ultrasound