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Clear Skin: Pigmentation, vascular lesion & tattoo removal

One quarter of Australians under 30 have a tattoo, and approximately a quarter of these individuals plan to have tattoo removal.
The demand for ‘clear skin’ is increasing. There is a more heightened awareness of personal aesthetics, and more people
are looking to reduce pigmentation, vascular lesions and veins, as well as tattoos.

There have been significant advances in the effective treatment of pigmentation, vascular lesions, veins and tattoos. The latest, high-quality devices now allow effective removal of such markings faster, and with fewer treatments required for effective results.

Cryomed’s suite of devices includes several multi-function devices, allowing practitioners maximum flexibility to customise treatments for individual patient needs.

Clinical Results

The Cryomed Clear Skin Range

 Device/TechnologyMelasma, pigmentationRosaceaTelangiectasiaSolar lentiginesEpidermal pigmented
lesions, freckles, age spots
Dermal pigmented lesionsTattoo removalDeep and superficial
vascular lesions
AngiomaOther Treatments
Etherea MX
Multi-platform Light-based solution
Picocare 450
Picosecond laser
Long Pulsed KTP laser
Cryo Broadlight 2
Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser