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Complementary Treatments & Products

Maximise patient outcomes with our medical-grade post-treatment products designed to ensure optimum results.

Complementary treatments can help to optimise treatment outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and loyalty, and enhance overall business profitability.

This can include complementary in-clinic treatments, such as LED or PRP therapy, which we also recommend as highly beneficial stand-alone treatments.

Patients will benefit from the use of medical-grade cosmeceuticals, which have been proven to enhance and extend the benefits of skin treatments. We are proud to offer two excellent cosmeceutical ranges:

  • Cebelia: patented derma-aesthetic skincare, specifically designed to enhance medical aesthetic procedures;
  • Ao Skincare: pure, active ingredients, cold-pressed to retain their potency.

We have also sourced the highest quality syringes, post-injecting creams and other treatments. These offer you further opportunity to differentiate the quality of your treatment.

The Cryomed Complementary Treatments Range

 Device/TechnologyGeneral clinical support devicesTreatment support devicesTreatment optimising productsTreatment accessoriesTreatment consumablesAdjunct Treatments
Vision Enhancement System
Platelet Rich Plasma
Super narrow gauge needle
Natural RX
Bio-cellulose Mask
Medical-grade skincare
Ao Skincare
Natural skincare range
Post-treatment cream
Post-treatment cream
Autoclave Mini
Sterilising unit
Cryo Jet
Chilled Air
Siberian Fit
Chilled Air
Ultra thin wall cannula