Dermo Corrective

Dermo Corrective is an excellent choice for skin related imperfections such as hematomas, oedema, erythema, rashes, rosacea, etc and post traumatic bruises and scars.

An innovative and revolutionary concept that combines a skin respectful base and a smart corrector in hygienic packaging. It guarantees zero contamination making it a practical and convenient correction option Dermo corrective is the most efficient corrector. Simple and practical yet revolutionary.


Moisturising make up primer
Moisturise & balance – professional care
– all skin types
The neutral base consists of an ultra-comfortable, non-greasy texture prepares the skin for makeup, allowing for perfect makeup all day long.
This gentle primer softens and protects the skin, compromised of over 98% natural organic ingredients.
Application: Apply with a brush, sponge or with a clean finger.

Corrective foundation
Concealer – tailor-made coverage – all skin types
The buildable formula of this foundation allows for custom coverage depending on the degree of redness or imperfections.
The revolutionary ultra-light and silky texture provides comfort, breathability and an undeniable glow.
The perfecting formula unifies, illuminates and enhances the complexion with a matte and velvety result.
Application: Apply on the entire face with a brush, sponge or clean finger.


  • A moisturising base for a long-lasting result while evening out skin tone and illuminating the skin.
  • A smart complexion corrector to choose according to your skin tone. A ‘multi-coverage’ corrector camouflages and unifies post-injection redness, oedemas and hematomas. 
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