Hair Restoration/Regrowth


SmartLux LED

Delivers healing power and energy of light composed of red, blue, yellow and Infrared


Regen Lab

Patented, innovative PRP kit


What Our Customers Have To Say

  • “I have been working with Cryomed for almost 4 years now. They are without a doubt one of the most professional device companies to deal with. They are helpful, know their stuff, and it’s never a problem when we have a customer enquiry, they get back to us promptly and efficiently. Josh and the team do an awesome job! I highly recommend Cryomed if you’re looking for a business solution.”

    Trish Hammond, Founder of Plastic Surgery Hub

  • “I can’t recommend the Cryomed team enough. We have a number of their Lasers. The Pastelle’s one of my favorites, with a brilliant programmable interface that’s easy to use and fantastic results on pigment for my patients. I wish I found it sooner.”

    Dr. Jack Green, FACD, Richmond VIC

  • “Having used many Q-Switched lasers in the past, the Pastelle certainly ‘packs a punch’. With consistent energy levels, I’m able to deliver effective treatments time and time again. I’m extremely impressed by the fast calibration allowing me to treat patients 30 seconds after turning the machine on. The sophistication of the twin pulse mode has my patients loving their skin, and there’s no down time! The Pastelle is definitely an asset to our practice.”

    Melissa Fraser RN, Next Of Skin, Elizabeth Bay NSW

  • “The SECRET RF is the ultimate solution for acne scar repair working well on all skin colours with next to no down time. I have been impressed time and again by its reliable, predictable results and extremely positive patient response.”

    Dr. Adrian Lim, FACD FACP, Sydney NSW

  • “When I started my cosmetic practice, I wanted to be sure I had the right devices to deliver great results. I was so happy to find Cryomed, who have helped me get what I needed without spending a fortune. The IPL and the Secret are my new best friends.”

    Dr. Jundier Domingo, St Kilda Superclinic, St Kilda

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