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Intimate Female Rejuvenation

Treats the underlying causes of vaginal atrophy, laxity & urinary stress incontinence

Many women suffer from urinary stress incontinence, vaginal atrophy or laxity as a result of childbirth, menopause or general ageing. The latest technological advances offer non-surgical treatment options, which have created a great deal of interest for their ability to treat the underlying causes of these problems.

Cryomed offers two treatment options, both of which are components of larger light-based solutions.

Clinical studies demonstrate that the treatment targets the underlying cause of vaginal atrophy, urinary stress incontinence and laxity by:

  • Stimulating collagen regeneration – heat causes a contraction in collagen fibres and stimulates new collagen tissue production.
  • Contraction of the elastin fibres – heat causes contraction and stimulation of collagen fibres.
  • Promotes the formation of additional blood vessels – helps to restore mucosal hydration through improved moisture retention ability.

The Cryomed Intimate Female Rejuvenation Range

 Device/TechnologyStimulates & regenerates CollagenStimulates mucosaRestores PH balanceOther Treatments
Lotus GynoLaser
CO2 Laser / micro-needle fractional RF
Etherea MX Dual Mode Athena
Er:YAG + CO2 Dualmode laser