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My Secret Weapon in The War On Ageing – Amber Renae

While I would say I have a good relationship with the sun, my skin would probably say “It’s complicated”.

Every morning, part of my daily ritual to reinvigorate myself and start my day right is to head out to the beach and soak up the rays while looking out at the crystal Bondi surf.

But as many Australians know, the sun can be a particularly harsh mistress in this part of the world causing just as much negative effects as it does positive ones.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a way to have the best of both worlds by rejuvenating my skin and reversing the aging process in a safe, effective treatment without needing to go under the knife.  


Online Gambling Issues

It seems as though online gambling in Australia is becoming a very controversial issue. Gambling is legal in over half of the states in the US but it is illegal to conduct any form of online gambling in Australia according to the current laws. Recently the Federal government was pressured to enact new laws in the United States regarding online gambling after US congressmen were presented with a bill regarding this at a committee meeting. The US congressmen wanted to overturn a part of the law that prevented poker rooms from processing transactions for players from other countries and restricted poker websites from providing software that would allow wagering across state lines.

In response Australia introduced what is known as the Gambling ISP policy which is a much preferred arrangement for online gamblers who prefer instant withdrawals https://aussielowdepositcasino.com/instant-withdrawal-casino/. This basically means that online gambling companies can create an online gambling website but only have to maintain offices or facilities within the state that they are based in. So a company could operate from a storefront in Melbourne and have customers in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland etc. but they can never have services in New York, Oklahoma or Delaware because those states do not recognize online gambling. Now, in order to qualify for a gambling ISP policy a company has to be licensed by the taxation office in each state that they want to operate a website in. This creates a lot of complications for the companies because they are required to submit financial information to the taxation office every year in order to keep their licenses active.

The result is that the tax revenue generated from online gambling through taxes is quite small in comparison to the revenue received from alcohol sales and tobacco sales. Now even though Australia has had previous debates on online gambling laws, it is now clear that the Federal government wants to see minimal regulation and very limited government intervention. The only thing that Australia has achieved so far is setting up an online gambling authority which is responsible for overseeing the regulation of online gambling in the country. Because of this, the position of the gambling industry is greatly weakened and they have welcomed the proposed restriction of online gambling in Australia.

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