Unique robotic hair transplant system

ARTAS is a robotic revolution in speed, precision and accuracy for hair transplantation

  • Harvests prime follicular units (each made up of 1 to 4 individual hairs) with minimally invasive, micron-level precision

  • Retain the natural appearance of the donor area, thanks to ARTAS’ ability to dissect follicular grafts accurately and consistently

  • Allows maximum control and accuracy of end-to-end process

For patients:

  • Sophisticated outcome modeling
  • Shorter, more comfortable treatments
  • Fast recovery
  • No stitches, no linear scar and nearly undetectable donor area
  • More consistent results

For cinics:

  • Image guided robotic alignment with high resolution cameras
  • Healthier, intact grafts with high level of transplantation success, thanks to minimally invasive dissection
  • Intelligent and intuitive controls allow optimal physician control of the process
  • Excellent patient satisfacton
The ARTAS Procedure


  • ARTAS Hair StudioTM technology is used to create the patient’s individual hair restoration solution as a 3D model.
  • The patient can see a simulated result, and ARTAS calculates the optimal hairline, and the number of grafts required to achieve it.


  • ARTAS HD vision system uses specialised algorithms to identify and select the best hair follicles for harvesting.
  • Hair is harvested with robotic precision to preserve the natural look of the donor area. The follicular units are stored awaiting transplantation into the recipient area.
  • 12 days later, the hair follicles are transplanted, following the customised hairline design. The advanced analysis of the recipient site creates optimal site distribution, avoiding damaging any healthy hair.


  • Hair in the donor area grows back to a blending length within a week or so of treatment.
  • After about three months, the transplanted hair will begin to grow in its new location. At around 6 months, the patient will notice more significant growth.
  • The end result is the most natural yet available from any hair transplantation procedure.
Clinical Results

Donor Area: progress from harvesting to regrowth 7 months later

Recipient Area:

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