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Autoclave mini

Powerful, compact sterilisation for patient and clinic safety

Pre-vacuum Air Removal & Post-Vacuum Drying

Features Clinical Benefits
  • Autoclave Mini is small and lightweight

  • Can be moved around the clinic to offer essential sterilisation where needed

  • External steam generator vaporises water and injects the steam into the chamber

  • Chamber is less contaminated then the internal steam generating, and useable space maximised

  • Required cycle time approximately 30% shorter than prior B-class models

  • Energy and time efficient

  • Powerful air removal system

  • Sterilisation effect maximised

  • Vacuum drying phase added to cycle

  • Improved load drying ability

  • 6 customised and operator controlled cycles

  • Accommodates wrapped or unwrapped medical products, synthetic resin, rubber, textile, glass, etc.

  • Workplace safety features

  • Cycle will not begin unless the door has been locked; automatic safety valve releases pressure

  • Optional panel printer prints cycle performance record

  • Quality system compliance


Available Cycles

Maximise your clinical outcomes