Deliver a knock-out blow to stubborn fat deposits

CLATUU’S precise 360° surround cooling achieves maximum coverage of the treatment
area and is up to one third faster than other fat-freezing treatments.

  • World-first 360° Surround Cooling Technology chills a maximum area
  • Very even and focused cooling of target cells
  • Up to 30% faster treatments
  • Dual handpieces treat two sites simultaneously
  • Powerful adjustable cooling up to -9°C with 50kPa suction
  • Stabilised temperature control with safety mechanism
  • Powerful chiller and radiator
  • Advanced power system delivers constant optimum cooling to both handpieces simultaneously
  • Temperature and suction level can be precisely adjusted according to the location and thickness of the patient’s fat layer
  • CLATUU is simple to install, maintain and operate
  • Visible and measurable results can be apparent within 6-12 weeks
  • Thanks to the 360° cooling mechanism, fewer treatments are generally required to achieve the desired result on a treatment area
Clinical Results

The Clatuu is one of the best performing Cryolipolysis devices.
We have used this device for a few years now and I am very pleased with the results, as it is very effective.

Dr. Bertrand Pusel, MD, France

Sculpt and smooth all body areas with Clatuu

  • Wing applicator for large bulges such as abdomen, back and flanks

  • Flat applicator for small areas such as love handles, arms and thighs.


CLATUU in depth

Easy and intuitive to install, operate and maintain

Energy Type Advanced Cooling System
ARTG Registration Inclusion N0: 243432, 259035, 257792, Clatuu, Clatuu Handpieces & Gel pads.
Display LCD 10.4 inch touchscreen (main body) LCD 4.3 inch touchscreen (handpiece)
Electrical Requirement 220-240 V/ 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 1250 VA
Dimensions 490 x 715 x 1140 mm
Weight 92Kg
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