A Revolution in Aesthetic Fat Reduction

Cooltech gives excellent results for patients, and delivers safe,
reliable and profitable outcomes for clinics.

Cooltech’s 10 handpieces in six individual designs for various areas of the body make full-body contouring easy and effective. Its dual-sculpting ability means faster and more efficient treatment for patients.

Its affordable consumables costs mean excellent return on investment for clinics and more affordable treatment for patients.

Cooltech has treated more than 1 million patients in over 40 countries with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%.

Cooltech has emerged as the winner when
it comes to patient experience,
affordability and overall product.

Plastic Surgery Hub
Full-body Sculpting with Cooltech
  • Cooltech is at the forefront of cryolipolysis treatments, allowing patients to reduce fat deposits on any area of the body without surgery.

  • Six styles of applicator (10 separate handpieces) treat every area of the body.

  • A highly effective non-surgical alternative to liposuction surgery.

Fat Freezing’s Winning Combination: Effective and Affordable
  • Cooltech is designed for maximum efficacy and safety
  • The safe, easy treatment solution for patients with difficult-to-shift fat deposits: non-invasive, no needles, no incisions, no downtime.
  • Low consumables costs mean patients win with more affordable treatment costs, and clinics can be competitive and profitable.
  • Variable temperature control from 3°C to -8°C provides optimal control for specific body areas and thickness of fat folds.
  • Powerful, even chilling produces a large, hard “butterstick” – an indicator of a successful result.

Cooltech “butterstick”

Clinical Results

Patients can begin to see results about 30-90 days after treatment. A 20-30% reduction is usually visible after about 8 weeks.
A maximum of 3 sessions per area will achieve even more dramatic results.

We have a Cooltech and a Coolsculpting maching, and 90%
of our cycles are Cooltech.  It always gives the better butterstick.
The bigger and harder the butterstick, the better the result.

Amber Moncrief, Director, Renew MediSpa by Hunter Plastic Surgery

Getting rid of unwanted pockets of fat often goes hand in hand with cellulite treatment. Using Cooltech, we are able to ‘spot reduce’ areas of unwanted fat. Treating the areas on the outer thighs and buttocks reduces the appearance of cellulite as there is less fat to ‘tether’ with the collagen fibres, improving the puckered effect.

Krysten Davis, Director of Cellulite Clinics Australia
Cooltech In Depth

Cooltech’s Unique Range of Applicators

Cooltech works with an adjustable vacuum applicator that acts by selectively encapsulating the fat tissue in its interior,
and initiating a highly controlled decrease in temperature to achieve fat cell apoptosis.

Cooltech’s ability to use two handpieces simultaneously optimises treatment times
and ensures maximum results from each session.


Basic Operation
• Type of equipment: controlled cooling device for medical use

Technical Characteristics
• Minimum temperature: 
– 8ºC
• Handpieces
: Straight HP, Curved HP, Tight H, Double HP, Tiny HP, Oval HP

Power Supply
• Power Supply: Red monofase, 100-240 V
• Maximum power: 1000 W
• Cooling capacity in each handpiece
: 90 W programming 0 ºC with a Tamb of 25 ºC

• Class of equipment as standard IEC 60601:2005: Class I, type BF
• Classification according to directive 2007/47/CE: Class II a
• Marking: 
• The device complies with the requirements of directives: 
Directive 2007/47 CE (93/42/CE) (Medical Device). Directive 2002/95 CEE (RoHS). Directive 2002/96 ECC (RAEE)
• Own Patent: 

Physical Characteristics
• Dimensions: 540 x 440 x 550 mm
• Weight: 39 kg
• Screen: touch screen 10,4’’

Cooltech has emerged as the winner when it comes to patient experience, affordability and overall product.

Amber Moncrief, Director, Renew MediSpa by Hunter Plastic Surgery

We have a Cooltech and a Coolsculpting machine, and 90% of our cycles are Cooltech. It always gives the better butterstick. The bigger and harder the butterstick, the better the result.

Amber Moncrief, Director, Renew MediSpa by Hunter Plastic Surgery

We see many women who have tried everything to shift their saddlebags, muffin top or that stubborn bit of post-pregnancy weight on the lower tummy. We have treated a wide array of areas with Cooltech and the results have been excellent

Krysten Davis, Director of Cellulite Clinics Australia

Our patients have been thrilled with the results, especially those who just want to shift residual belly fat but for whom surgery is too extreme (and expensive). I have had several treatments myself (in the interests of research!) and I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of Cooltech

Krysten Davis, Director of Cellulite Clinics Australia

We have a lot of demand for Cooltech. It’s fat reduction technology that freezes stubborn, hard to move fat. We offer full body contouring with it, for instance difficult spots such as chins, arms and calves. We find it is best used as a debulker of fat or spot reducing.

Julie Marsden , Director of Skin Medics

“I received a CoolTech treatment about 12 months ago to my love handles. The experience was a lot less painful than I thought it was going to be (after reading other’s experiences). I didn’t notice the difference at first, but after about 3 months I noticed a difference. I’m looking forward to having another treatment to help me get rid of these handles.”

Trish Hammond, Founder of Plastic Surgery Hub

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