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Dalyance is an integrated cosmetic solution that combines radio frequency
and cavitation technologies for body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatments.

Product description

Radio frequency improves the quality of the skin and stimulates collagenesis by heating adipose tissue, and tissue at cutaneous level through heat diffusion.

Cavitation is a treatment which uses low frequency ultrasound. Micro bubbles are formed, and accumulate a great quantity of energy. These are able to break the membrane of the adipose cell as they make contact, without harming the adjacent structures and respecting the integrity of the blood and lymphatic systems. This transforms the fat from a solid to a liquid state, which can be eliminated by the lymphatic system through the urinary tract.

  • Firmer, rejuvenated facial and body skin
  • Redefined facial and body contours
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Reduction of cellulite
dalyance device

Product Videos and features

Dalyance treatments

Facial rejuvenation

  • highly effective for facial rejuvenation from the first treatment
  • visibly firmer and rejuvenated skin
  • improvement of facial contours
  • reduction in wrinkles

Body contouring

  • non-invasive and comfortable treatments
  • treat cellulite in all its stages: hard, flacid and oedematous
  • patients’ results can be individually optimised
  • visible results from the first session

Intuitive interface

The Dalyance interface is highly intuitive and easy to use, helping practitioners to obtain the best results in their treatments. It also helps reduce training time, and maximises both device performance and patient outcomes.

Dalyance features

Basic operation
Type of equipment: ultrasound and radio frequency equipment
Technical characteristics
Maximum power 300 W
Radio frequency power 180 W
Ultrasound power 120W
Ultrasound frequency 36 KHz – 40 KHz
Radio frequency frequency 1MHz
Power supply
power supply 100 -240 Vac 50 – 60 Hz
Marking CE
Directive 2006/95/CEE (LVD) on Low Voltage
Directive 2004/108/CEE (EMC) on Electromagnetic Compatibility
Directive 2002/95/CEE (RoHS)
Directive 2002/96/CEE (WEEE)

Physical characteristics
Materials metal and methacrylate finishing
Equipment weight 20 kg.
Dimensions 430 x 400 x 300 mm
Screen touch screen 10,4’’

Clinical results


Dalyance has been subjected to rigorous clinical testing, both therapeutic response and various protocols to obtain the best results. Patients and practitioners can expect to see a gradual improvement in the treated area, visible from the first session and long-lasting once finished. Dalyance facial rejuvenation has been noted for its reduction of wrinkles in the periocular region, filling of nasogenian wrinkles, reduction of fine lines, eyelid lift and tightening of areas such as neck and neckline. Dalyance body contouring works in three phases, drainage, reduction and firming, for an unbeatable re-contouring effect.


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