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Penetrating, soothing, healing

Advanced therapeutic LED treatment offers highly effective stand-alone skin rejuvenation treatment,
or works as a companion therapy to other aesthetic skin treatments.

For Clinics

  • 3 ideal therapeutic wavelengths can be used individually or in any combination
  • Type and intensity of wavelength can be customised to individual patient’s needs
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Reduced redness, bruising and swelling
  • Provides added protection against minor scarring
  • Offers accelerated results when combined with other treatments

For Patients

  • Relaxing and healing
  • Excellent adjunct therapy to enhance skin therapy, scar healing or injecting procedures
  • Treats active acne
  • Promotes skin rejuvenation
  • Relieves pain and improves healing times

LPL is an industry benchmark device, incorporating gold-standard
technological advances designed to optimise LED treatment.

Optimal Lens Array Technology

Uses collimation optics to harness the healing properties of light, and achieve concentrated therapeutic photon intensity at the cellular level of the target tissue.

High Power LED

LPL uses a world-first Power LED, with better energy efficiency, and more effective treatments.

Colour Mixing Wavelength

The LPL operator can customise the light, energy and treatment by using or mixing one or all of the wavelengths.

Heat Sink Technology

LPL has solved the problem of short lifespan common to most LED technology. LPL uses Applied Heat Pipe and metal PCB High Heat, dissipating substrate structure and minimising the heat resistance of the LEDs to the surrounding air.

3-in-1 System

Unique technology enables an LED to project 3 wavelengths simultaneously or separately without needing to change modules.

High Power LED

LPL uses a world-first Power LED with better energy efficiency. This enables significantly more effective treatments.

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  • Treatments can be as quick as 3 minutes, thanks to Optimal Lens Array Technology
  • Photo-sequencing technology allows for full customisation of treatments
  • Durable high-quality LEDs keep operating costs to a minimum
  • Fully adjustable head, panels and arm
  • Ergonomic design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Stable and easy to manoeuvre
Light Source: LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
Class: Class I/B type Cosmetic use
Electrical Rating: 220 v / 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 200 VA
User Interface: 3.2″ Touch Module
Cooling System: Alloy Heat Sink Technology
Dimensions: 1475 x 745 x 512 mm
Weight: 23 kg

LPL Energy

Wavelengths 830nm (w/ 590nm) 635nm 415nm
mW/cm2 30-330 30-115 25-100
J/cm2 20-80 J/cm2 5-80 J/cm2 5-60 J/cm2

Not all LEDs are equal

LED devices with low or standard power LEDs are no match for the new generation LPL with Power LEDs. Low or standard power LEDs have reduced longevity and are incapable of lens array technology to focus light efficiently. LPL is the world’s first Power LED, with optimal lens array technology for more power and treatment result.

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