Reboost your skin with MIRApeel™.

Product description

What is MIRApeel™?

Most powerful and efficient skin-specific COSMECEUTICAL SERUM INFUSION device.

1. Fourth Generation MDs Device, to concurrently perform:
a) Needling; b) Cosmeceuticals Transdermal Delivery c) LED therapy

2. Gently, safely infuses most effective cosmeceuticals, deeply, for all types of skin conditions.

3. Full spectrum LED light therapy completes each treatment for better outcomes.


MIRApeel™ altogether synergistically integrates NEEDLING/INFUSION/LED technologies into a single novel Skin Therapy device.

Controlled Microchannel Infusion (Vacuum-Assisted) – painlessly and non-invasively increases micro-circulation below the skin, stimulating the epidermis to generate thicker, fresher, healthier skin, soft needling immensely increases absorption of serums deeper into the skin.

Micro-Needling (Collagen induction) + Light Emitting Diode therapy – promotes continuous skin cell production, helps reducing pore size, improves the overall skin texture, progressively reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Improves overall skin texture and pigmentation, helps treating microbial infections.

Micro-Needling enhances delivery (Cosmeceutical Serum Channeling) and effectiveness of skincare products, stimulates the wound-healing process (Hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodeling). LED phototherapy – to complete every treatment. The treatment is totally non-invasive, painless, safe and absolutely no downtime.

It is safe for all skin type and all ages.

MIRApeel™ with MIRArollers for Face and Body

For Face, neck and décolleté MIRApeel™ is the most effective, most comprehensive skin therapy modality. MIRApeel™ offers a full range of accessories, serums and cream for full body treatments. Most common skin conditions: Rejuvenation, Wrinkling, Dry skin, hyperpigmentation treatments
(with a boost of Vitamin C and the Rovisome complex ACE)

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Why MIRApeel™ is unique?

MIRApeel™ FRACTIONAL TRANSBRASION™ The safest, most versatile micro-needling technology

  • with concurrent infusion of cosmeceuticals.
  • Significantly enhances delivery and effectiveness of skincare products. Improved, deeper penetration down to the DE junction
  • Stimulates wound-healing and treats bacterial infections.
  • Increases micro-circulation, induces collagen production
  • Non-Invasive! No pain! No blood!
  • Reduces wrinkles and erases fine lines, tightens skin, reduces pore size.
  • Light Emitting Diode phototherapy improves wound-healing.
  • LED light is known for its inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

The MIRApeel™ System comes with a full range of unique scientifically-designed and engineered accessories and has available proprietary cosmetic serums, lotions. Cryomed offers a complete, ingenious Aesthetic MIRA product range that works seamlessly with the MIRA technology.


Clinical results

Clinical Results


“Patients look as good as if we were doing in part fractional lasers, IPL. And the cost is is significantly less. For fine line, upper and lower lip, it’s very good. Good for acne scars, Crepiness to decollete or to the inner arm area, and overall for true skin rejuvenation”

Dr. Daley 

“Most times I find the 0.3mm and 0.5mm totally perfect for causing the right reaction on most skins. I am looking for the cascade of wound healing to occur, collagen would be induced to form CIT. There’s about a 200% increase in collagen just by penetration of the needles. Studies found that new collagen was confined to the 500 micron level of the dermis, the upper third of the reticular dermis anyway, whether you’d use the shorter (0.3 and 0.5mm) or the much longer (1.5 and 2mm) needles”

Dr. Friedland

“Clinical Studies show that the window of time one has to get the material deep into the skin Is about l 0-15 minutes. The pores acting as micro-channels, close totally within this short window of time. When this happens, the pores close, molecules need to go through the cells, normal pores, hair follicles and the sebaceous glands. This is a very inefficient way to get cosmeceuticals through the intact stratum corneum. MIRArollers using FRACTIONAL TRANSBRASION open these micro-channels as conduits to get the materials into the dermis”

Dr. Daley 


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