Natural Rx – Post-Procedure Mask2018-05-07T11:17:14+00:00

Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask that brightens, lifts and moisturises

Specifically formulated for faster recovery and optimal results of laser, light, RF, ultrasound and chemical peel procedures.

  • Natural RX mask accelerates the healing process by stimulating proliferation and segmentation of fibroblast and dead skin cells

  • Fast-acting to relieve dryness and burning sensations caused by dermatological treatments

  • Intensive lifting and anti-ageing effects

  • Brightens the skin

Powerful active ingredients to soothe and enhance irritated skin

Plant Stem Cells
(Centella Asiatica) for skin cell rejuvenation and brightening

Epidermal Growth Factor
for skin cell regeneration

with anti-oxidant properties for instant skin cooling and soothing

relieves skin irritation


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