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Hair removal for a wide range of hair and skin types

Product description

Three wavelengths

The Primelase HR platform is designed to work with 3 different wavelengths. It is capable of adapting hair removal treatments to the needs of the widest range of patients during every season of the year. It can be used effectively on all skin types and all kinds of hair with maximum effectiveness.


Primelase HR platform

Product Videos and features

Primelase HR is the only diode laser platform
that combines SSL (solid state laser) with diode laser.

  • Ideal combination of high peak power (up to 4,800W) delivering energy in ultra short pulses (3, 5 and 10ms)
  • Works on all skin types and all kinds of hair
  • Exclusive Ultra-Short Pulse (USP) technology with high fluency
  • 4 large spot size options: 10×9, 20×9, 30×9 and 30×17

Two operating modes offer treatment options that can be tailored to the individual needs of every patient

  • Static Mode: for fine hair, residual hair at later sessions, and for pale skin phototypes. It works at 1, 2, and 3Hz. Thanks to high fluencies and ultra short pulses, the treatment is fast, and it avoids the risk of damage to the epidermis.
  • Dynamic Mode: for very dense hair, darker phototypes and patients with a low pain threshold. It works at 10Hz at all fluencies.

  • Ultra-fast hair removal
  • All skin types
  • Advanced “crystal freeze” cooling system
  • Precise square pulse delivery
  • Combines 3 different
    wavelengths in a single shot

Versatile, effective and safe treatment

Unique combined wavelengths with high peak power for maximum efficacy

  • Extreme speed and versatility
  • Highest safety
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Excellent results
  • Maximum profitability
  • No consumables, no laser lamp, no fibre, long-life handpieces: maintenance free for low running costs and high ROI

Crystal Freeze cooling system

  • High skin protection
  • Constant temperature of +5°C regardless of treatment parameters or environmental conditions

Unique combined wavelengths with high peak power for maximum efficacyCrystal Freeze cooling system

primelase device

Irradiation Type: Diode laser hair removal device
Wavelength: 755nm, 810nm, 1060nm
Maximum Energy: 300J
Maximum Peak Power: 10,000W
Pulse Duration: 3MS-400ms
Repetition Rate:  1-10Hz
Spot Size:  30×9, 30×17, 10×9, 11×9

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Prime Presentation

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Clinical results

Clinical Results

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