Precise, permanent elimination of subcutaneous fat

Macro-focused Scanning Ultrasound (MFSU)

Scizer is precise, reliable and efficient

  • Macro-focused scanning ultrasound uses thermal energy generated in the subcutaneous layer to specifically target and destroy fat cells
  • Dual handpieces mean shorter, more efficient treatments
  • Uniform scanning technology delivers highly predictable and reliable results
  • Sophisticated contact cooling maximises patient comfort during treatment
  • Patients see immediate and continued improvement
  • Highly economical running costs for excellent clinic ROI

Clinical Results

No prior preparation or anaesthesia is required, and patients experience low downtime, immediate, then ongoing results.

“I’ve been in the body contouring sphere for some time and I’d really like to recommend the SCIZER machine.  It’s a new HIFU device that’s the best in its class. It’s well tolerated, patients love it, it delivers results, and I recommend that you try it.”

Dr Adrian Lim
Scizer treats and reduces fat layers
  • Upper abdomen, abdomen and lower abdomen

  • Flanks

  • Love handles

Precise  Reliable  Efficient

The Scizer is equipped with uniform scanning technology which distributes a consistent and homogenous ultrasound beam profile to an area of 46x46mm. The design of the projected output is symmetrical in size and power allowing you to treat with higher impact, better comfort and amazing results.

  • Uniform scanning technology
  • Large spot size: 46 x 46 mm for smoother treatment outcome
  • Symmetry of output, uniform depth of beam and precise and equal distribution of ultrasound energy mean more even and exact treatment results
  • The ultrasound energy is precisely and evenly delivered, so the patient achieves a smoother, more sculpted body line.
  • Built-in intelligent cooling creates an anaesthetic effect on the skin for a more comfortable treatment experience.
  • Operator-friendly easy-to-use interface
  • Highly economical running costs
Scizer In Depth

Scizer’s Built-in Intelligent Cooling Control

Scizer’s optional Contact Cooling Control function is a built-in intelligent cooling system:

  • It creates an anaesthetic effect for a more comfortable treatment experience
  • Contact temperatures are operator-adjustable for maximum patient comfort

Fat layer improvements after Scizer

Energy Type Macro Focused Ultrasound
Energy 30 to 60 J/cm2
Ultrasound Frequency 24MHz
Treatment Depth 13mm
Treatment Area 46 x 46mm (24 lines)
Power Rating 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Weight 55Kg
Dimensions 600 x 460 x 1200mm

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