TBH smoke extraction and filtration systems for aesthetic and medical treatments
TBH extraction and filtration systems provide excellent protection for practitioners and patients.

Many laser treatments generate aerosols (LGAC = Laser Generated Airborne Contaminants) with a particle size of 0,1μ - 2μm, and can contain human tissue and micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.  When inhaled, these can pose an acute infection risk for both operator and patient.
The BF9 SET-D and BF10 SET-D use a combined 2-stage filter that reliably extracts viruses, bacteria and skin particles. The system has been designed so that the extraction arm does not touch the patient.

An optional InLine filter is also available.

• Cosmetic procedures (skin and laser treatments, hair removal)

• High-frequency procedures

• Dental medicine

• Endoscopy

• Gynocology

• Easy-to-clean filter (change from the top)

• Extraction arm with four optional air intakes

• Optimised convenience with optional foot switch

• Electronic features and display functions

• Differential pressure indicator for monitoring the saturation filters