Designed for your success and growth allowing you to trade in your
old devices that are collecting dust and reshape your business with the most
modern and higher ROI technology.  

THRIVE was created to support Aesthetic Clinics upon returning to today’s new normal
by providing superior product solutions, and the necessary program to expand and grow
their practice in the new practice environment.

Our launch Package

The launch Package offers 1. Premium Marketing & Advertising 2. In-clinic Support to improve your workflow and reduce the impact of the new normal to your business 3. Deferred Payment Program* and 4. Trade-In Program

  • Expanding staff training to upskill clinical and sales skills
  • Shorter and more focused treatments, higher productivity and a faster room turnover for practices which must follow social distance guidelines
  • Support and education for safe clinical practice and continuing safe practice guidelines 

Deferred Payment Program

Preserve your cash while you reopen your practice. NO INTEREST, NO REPAYMENTS program for the next 12 months available with payments starting in 2021 to protect your cash flow for uses such as day-today business expenses, business expansions and growth, or any unexpected business related expenses.*

*Available for doctors and dentists through our partner BOQ Specialist Bank. Cryomed has many financing options if your not eligible for this program and would like to know more please talk with one of our BDM’s who can assist with other financial options available to Cryomed clients. 


Dinosaur Trade-in Program

Do you own an old energy-based aesthetic Device?

Our exclusive Trade-in Program offers the opportunity to incorporate the latest superior technology into your practice.

This exclusive offering lowers up-front cost, lowers purchase price and lowers ongoing costs to offer your patients the most well-priced treatments.

No deposit, no problem, no hassle!

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