Ultrasound Technology: precise, focused, penetrating

Versatile, non-invasive ultrasound technology is highly effective for skin lifting and tightening on both face and body

Aesthetic ultrasound treatment works by using special transducers to focus ultrasound energy specifically on small focal points of subcutaneous tissue (to a depth of approximately 5mm). This provides a burst of very high temperature (greater than 60°C), producing small (<1 mm3) thermal coagulation points. The intervening dermal and epidermal layers of skin are not affected, as the ultrasound beam passes harmlessly through the skin to the focal point. Collagen fibers at these coagulation points become denatured; they contract and are stimulated to produce new, stronger and better organised collagen fibres.

Features and Benefits of Ultrasound Treatment

  • Non-ablative

  • Precisely focused energy delivery means high safety level

  • Adjustable shot and pitch length

  • No damage to epidermis

  • Most side effects are transitory, resolving within a few days to a few weeks

  • Treatment can be fully customised to patient’s requirements

  • Minimal downtime

Ultrasound treatment is well tolerated by most patients, who generally experience little if any downtime, some immediate improvement in skin tone and quality, as well as improvement in skin and tissue tightening over time. Patient satisfaction is generally very high.





The Cryomed View

Cryomed has observed significant advances in ultrasound technology over recent years; we have selected several devices based on their innovative design and features, their proven clinical efficacy, and their excellent return on investment for aesthetic practices. We have also included devices that combine ultrasound with other technologies for multiple treatment indications and optimal results. We believe this is an excellent  strategy for maximising patient treatment options, and we expect to see more combination-technology devices in the future.

The advanced devices in our range enable patients to achieve results that previously were only available if they were to undergo highly ablative treatments.
Our new generation ultrasound and combination devices offer excellent results
with minimal downtime and significantly reduced risk of side-effects.

Aesthetic Ultrasound Technologies

MFU: Micro Focused Ultrasound uses lower levels of energy to treat superficial layers of skin, and works by precise heating of the target area, the end point of which is increased synthesis of collagen.

MFCU: Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound: perpetual operation circular shot with high intensity peak power. It delivers extensive projection of ultrasound energy deep into the subcutaneous fat layers. Distribution of ultrasound energy is precise and constant.

HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound does not disrupt the epidermis, but is transferred into deep structures such as deep dermis, boundary layer of deep dermis and subcutaneous fat, fibrous tissues of subcutaneous fat, and fascia. A relatively recent development, it is proving an excellent technology for skin tightening and subcutaneous fat reduction.

Combination treatments
Ultraformer III

Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound


Macro focused circular ultrasound +
micro focused ultrasound


Radio frequency +
Ultrasound cavitation

Cryomed Ultrasound Device Lineup

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