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What is Cooltech fat freezing?

Until now we thought that the only way to get rid of fat was to burn it or liposuction!

Welcome to the world of Cooltech fat freezing: A procedure that freezes your stubborn fat to give men & women visible, measurable results without surgery, liposuction or downtime.

Cooltech Fat freezing is safe, non-invasive and effective.

It’s fast becoming the choice that people are making to remodel their body through the killing & disposing of up to 30% of stubborn fat cells in the tummy, thighs, arms, knees & lower buttocks.

The Cooltech fat freezing technology is being widely adopted all over the world.

It’s the first technology to use the process of cryolipolysis: Literally freezing fat cells – called adipose tissue – to the point where they crystallise, die and are gradually eliminated by the body’s natural processes.

You can find out more about the side effects of freezing fat cells in our recent blog post here.

The advanced technology uses non-invasive applicators that target localised pockets of fat in various parts of the body to contour and reshape. 

It’s a safe process that targets specific areas, doesn’t damage the skin and is a more gentle treatment than liposuction.

Cooltech fat freezing has been used in over 40 countries world wide, treating over a million patients while upholding a satisfaction rating of 95%.

Find out more about Cooltech fat freezing on the Cryomed website.

It is possible that patients can grow new fat cells, but these old ones will be gone for good after Cooltech fat freezing treatment.

With 6 different applicators, the Cooltech treatment is able to be done almost anywhere on the body and is suitable for all shapes.

These applicators allow a Cooltech practitioner to freeze the fat in more precise areas for targeted body contouring.

Learn more about how Cooltech can work for you here.

Justine from Cryomed, Cooltech distributor in Australia, says, “With our device we’re able to really find the right size applicator for the specific body part the client is wanting to treat, which means you’re going to get the most effective treatment result in a 25% to 30% fat reduction in that spot.”

You can read the entire article from Justine here.

Cooltech works on almost any area where you have enough fat to pinch including:

  • Abdomen or belly
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Neck area

Cooltech fat freezing using cryolipolysis is one of the most popular body contouring procedures available in Australia today.

You can learn more about the Cooltech device here.

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